Bond is a leading provider of mission-critical helicopter services to blue-chip corporations and public administrations.

Founded in 1961, Bond first entered the UK offshore market in 1972. Over the past 10 years, Bond has strategically managed its growth to focus on the key strengths of the business and provide safe, dependable and valuable services to a wide range of offshore and onshore clients.

Bond companies operate in the UK, Ireland and Australia, providing search and rescue, offshore crew-change transport, air ambulance support, police helicopter support, and specialist services such as offshore wind farm and lighthouse maintenance, and aerial lifting.

Bond Offshore Helicopters
Headquartered in Aberdeen, Bond Offshore Helicopters provides energy support and search and rescue services to a range of blue-chip corporations in the offshore oil and gas industry.

Bond Air Services
Headquartered in the UK, Bond Air Services is a leading operator of air ambulance and police aviation services. The company also provides marine services.

Bond Helicopters Australia
Established to provide energy support services to one of the world’s fastest growing offshore oil and gas markets, Bond Helicopters Australia recently won its first major contract and will start providing services in November 2013.

Bond logowww.bondhelicoptersaustralia.com

CEO: Richard Mintern

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