Precise and reliable engineering is what keeps Bond helicopters in the air and ensures safe passage for our passengers and crew.

At Bond, we operate teams of experienced aircraft engineers who work to specific regulations to maintain and repair at the highest standard. With a variety of helicopters in our fleet, it is essential that all maintenance is carried out to the strict standards defined by the Original Equipment Manufacturers. Aircraft are checked every day and continuously monitored to ensure that they are always in the best possible flying condition and that equipment on board is serviced to an equally high quality.

Our engineers provide 24-hour, 365-day coverage on a shift basis and are backed by a Part M department and dedicated document control.

In addition, Bond operates a dedicated Design and Completion Centre, staffed by experienced industry engineers, who can design and implement modifications to our aircraft to suit clients’ specific needs. We also work closely with external design experts to provide the most effective service. Giving us complete control over cost and timescale, our modifications are independently certified and flight tested to ensure peak performance targets are reached, giving you complete confidence in our capability.