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Gastech portfolio newsroom demoBoth Bond SAR aircraft involved in dramatic North Sea rescues

Both Bond SAR aircraft involved in dramatic North Sea rescues


Bond Offshore Helicopters’ BP Jigsaw search and rescue (SAR) aircraft played a key role in the rescue of crew from the Vos Sailor standby vessel, and the subsequent evacuation of the nearby North Sea Producer platform, yesterday along with two other search and rescue aircraft.

Amidst extremely poor weather and sea conditions, one of Bond’s SAR aircraft was first to reach the vessel, picking up 8 members of the ship’s crew. A Bond winchman then remained on the deck of the vessel to co-ordinate the rescue of 3 further members of the ship’s crew. The vessel had lost all power after being hit by a wave, hampering rescue efforts, which had to be conducted in the dark.

With the empty vessel drifting towards the North Sea Producer platform, a second Bond SAR aircraft was then involved in the evacuation of 10 personnel from that platform.

Luke Farajallah, Managing Director of Bond Offshore Helicopter, said: “I would like to commend our search and rescue crews, who did a fantastic job earlier today in extremely challenging and hazardous conditions. Today is testament to the experience, training and dedication of those crews, which is second to none. Our thoughts are with the family of the crew member that lost his life.”

Notes to Editors

1. Bond’s offshore search and rescue operation comprises two dedicated, specially-modified Eurocopter Super Puma AS332L2 Mark II helicopters made available under a long-term contract with BP to provide 24-hour airborne search-&-rescue and medical evacuation for its workforce in a unique UK North Sea system known as Jigsaw. One of the high-specification, twin-engine aircraft is based at Sumburgh Airport, Shetland, the other on the Miller platform, in the central North Sea.

2. Jigsaw operations were launched in March 2006 and there have been around 60 winchings to date, as well as medevacs and downmannings. With the 300th mission flown in April this year, in addition to BP, these have included flights for 32 other offshore operators plus a number of vessel operators in the UK and Norwegian sectors, the Aeronautical Rescue Co-ordination Centre, various others, and patient transfers for the Scottish Ambulance Service in Shetland.

About Avincis Group

Bond Offshore Helicopters Ltd is part of Avincis Group. Avincis Group is the world’s leading provider of mission critical aviation services. The Group’s mission is to save lives, protect the environment and provide safe transport for mission critical people and assets for public services and blue chip corporations.

Avincis has a global footprint which, includes the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Ireland, Norway, Australia, Chile and Peru. The Group operates around 350 rotary and 50 fixed-wing aircraft, from 295 bases in ten countries. Avincis employs almost 3,000 people worldwide and at end 2011 had an annualised turnover of €521 million (£421 million). The Group is headquartered in London.

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