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At Bond we believe in providing the best training in the business; not just for our own pilots and crew, but for everyone.

Bond Training Services has been operating as a Flight Training Organisation since 2005, and is now fully approved by EASA as an ATO, delivering a high range of high quality pilot and specialist courses to individuals and companies worldwide. An investment of £1.6m has produced a dedicated state-of-the-art training facility, which includes the provision of the high tech EC135 simulator (Level III FTD) together with a first-class supportive training environment.

Bond’s training team have in excess of 60,000 hours of flying experience between them, covering military, offshore, emergency services, and marine operations both in the UK and internationally. This experience, combined with their high-standing training qualifications, offers the student optimum support and encouragement through every phase of each specific course.

Please click here for our facilities brochure and here for our course brochure.


For more information on the following courses:

  • ATPL Skills Test
  • EC135 Type Conversion Course
  • Instrument Rating Course
  • Instrument Rating Instructor Course
  • MP Type and Instrument Rating with Integrated MCC
  • Multi-Crew Cooperation Course
  • TR Examiner Standardisation Course
  • TRE Seminar
  • TRI Add-Type Course
  • Type Rating Instructor Course

please contact:

Elly Clark 

Bond Training Services Co-ordinator


+44 (0)1452 856007


And for more information on the following courses:

  • Crew Resource Management
  • Helicopter Ground Handling Course
  • HEMS Crewmember Course
  • HEMS Dispatcher Course
  • HHO Crewmember Course
  • HHO Passenger Course
  • Medical Passenger Course

please contact:

Dave Standbridge

Rear Crew Training Manager


+ 44 (0)1452 856007